Carter Lozinski, REALTOR®

Carter Lozinski is a REALTOR®, property manager and investor who knows his city. Born and raised in Saskatoon, Sask. Carter studied Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan. After University, he made the move to B.C. and has never looked back. With the help of his dad he bought his first house in Saskatoon at the age of 25. Just after he got his house he moved to Vancouver, he got a job bartending at The Fairmont Waterfront. This is where his passion for Real Estate began.

He started by using the equity in his home in Saskatoon to buy his first apartment in New Westminster B.C. Next thing you know, he was flipping houses in two provinces. Over the years he has owned several rental properties, and today lives in a penthouse in Yaletown. After living here and working in the Real Estate industry for over 10 years now, he is confident that he can fulfill all of your Real Estate needs.

Carter loves the industry and is never planning on retiring.